Our Process 

Listening...We believe that every project should begin with listening. Sounds simple enough, however this is often overlooked.

  • Step 1. Make the call. It’s that easy!
  • Step 2. We will set up a free of charge in-home evaluation.

Understanding... Listening is no good if we don’t understand the scope of the project.

  • Step 3. Your in-home evaluation, where we discuss your needs.
  • Step 4. We take measurements of the space you wish to improve.

Designing... After we have gained an understanding of your project and your needs we begin the designing process.

  • Step 5. After the quote is approved and deposit is issued, we offer an in-home design meeting to go further in depth. A designer will come to your space and walk you through the aesthetics and functionality of the space in question. This is offered for a minimal fee, but not mandatory.
  • Step 6. We take the measurements and notes that we have collected and prepare shop drawings for the mill.

Implementation... After the accumulation of careful listening, understanding, and designing, comes the implementation of your job.

  • Step 7. We begin the building of your project. Your materials are ordered and construction begins.
  • Step 8. We call 5 days in advance to schedule an installation date.
  • Step 9. We install your cabinets and do a walkthrough of the completed work and receive final payment.
  • Step 10. Now you enjoy your cabinets for a lifetime!